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  • How to purchase?

    First you need an account on the site. After creating one, you will receive a confirmation e-mail which allows you to log in. The next step is to choose your desired product(s). Click on it to view its individual page that includes description of product, a larger preview image and a section where you can personalize the design by clicking the «+» sign. Then you can choose the desied format and add in the « Notes » section the changes you want our designer to make for you.

    Finally, you add the product to your cart and make the payment through PayPal or 2Checkout. 

    * How do I receive my purchase? How long is the Download link available?

    After payment is confirmed by the system, you will receive an email with the encrypted links of the item(s) you purchased. Follow the link(s) to download. If you did not receive an email, check your account on the site .


    *How long is the Download link available?

    The Download link is available for 30 days. If you want to download the file past that period just send us an email at and we will re-activate it to your convenience. 

    *  What if I didn not receive the vector files in my email?

     This happens because of incorrect mail name or spam filters. In this case, you can download your vector products from our website following these steps:

        1. Login with username and password.

        2. On the left, under « Profile details » and « Downloads », click "Orders", where you find all orders and their status – « Open » or « Processed ».

        3. If the status is « Processed » click the number of your order on the left, which takes you to the "Product information" page with a Download button.Click on it.

        4. If the status is "Open" it means your payment is not complete – and you will have to wait 2-3 working days for it to clear and have access to your downloads.

    Click on this LINK to see a video on how to do this.

    * When do I receive a refund?

    All digital products are non-refundable. We will make an exception in case there are multiple purchases of the same item, which is caused by technical issues. In this case we ask you to contact customer service by e-mail ( and describe the situation.

  • * When do I receive a discount?

    You can get a discount by browsing the Bundle Edition category where you can find bundle versions with up to 90% discounts.

    * What am I allowed to do after downloading the file?

    After downloading your items, you are free to edit or modify them. Using the software of your choice, you can delete the text and add your own logo/text. You can use Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator or any other free software like Inkscape. The vectors can be opened in Adobe Photoshop, but you will have to rasterize the file and it will lose its scalability qualities.

    As far as usage is concerned, you can use our designs for logos, t-shirt designs, posters, websites and many others. It is all right to print the designs on t-shirts, for example, and sell them as part of a clothing line.

    * Am I allowed to sell the designs as my own?

  • You can sell the designs as your own with the restriction that you sell them printed and not in digital format. You can use the artwork on your site but the final product sold to the client should be a physical one like a t-shirt, mugs, caps, hoodies etc. You are not allowed to sell the graphics to third parties or use them on product sites like or

    *  How does Royalty Free apply to my purchase?

    Royalty Free means you can print the artwork as many times as you want, on physical products. You are not allowed to resell the vectors in digital format, share them with your friends or repackage and distribute them in any way. If you buy a vector set-for example, recolor it and upload it on your site for visitors to download, you are in violation of the Royalty Free license.

    * Billing and currency

    All of our prices are listed in US currency. Your credit card will also be billed in US currency.